Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New Year - new expectations!

Had a lovely time with Jake (Junglefire New Moon of Hotfuzz) at the Cattica Show in Newbury at the weekend. Jake came home a Tica Champion from his first adult show - I am very proud of him! he was a bit shy in the judging ring, but was very well behaved. We will be out again at Elsecar.

Jake has also got his act together in the romance department!! - despite looking and sounding so innocent!! - Cobweb is expecting babies from him in about 6 weeks - very very exciting!!!

Lily is also expecting babies with Magic - her last litter with Magic were all gorgeous and can be seen on my website Gallery page.

Looking forward to the babies as it seems ages since we have had any! I am in the process of decorating and re-flooring the nursery! Better get a move on..........