Wednesday, 12 January 2011

2010 Hotfuzz summary.

2010 was a busy year here at Hotfuzz. We had lots of yummy kittens, including are first 2 blue kittens - absolutely gorgeous! Was very tempted to keep one, but common sense prevailed! They have all gone to lovely homes - I have had lots of feed back & lovely photos (some can be seen on the Hotfuzz gallery page).

I retired my first breeding girl Poppy, a super mum to her kittens - she has now gone to live with a grandson of hers as a pampered pet!
Malachite has also been retired and will be looking for a pet home soon.

We had Oriana come to us from Tracey at Towanreef & also Jake from Liz at Junglefire. I also kept Kiki from Malachite & Poppy. April a mink snow from Malachite & Poppy went to Towanreef as a potential breeding girl. So looking forward to some more yummy kittens in 2011!

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