Thursday, 31 March 2011

Gorgeous babies!!

Well Cobweb beat Lily in producing her beautiful babies in the early hours of 21st March & is being a great mum to her 2 boys and 4 girls. They look to have Jake's tiny ears! The babies are growing fast & their eyes are beginning to open. I hope to take individual photos in the next couple of days.

Lily finally decided to have her gorgeous babies in the early hours of 26th March - 2 boys & 4 girls again! They are lovely fat babies. Lily is very protective of her babies, but is beginning to let me handle them more & more - although she keeps a very close eye on me!

Fleurie has also had her babies through the night 28th March - 3 sweet girls - again with tiny ears.
Fleurie had a bit of a rough time & was a bit bemused by motherhood to start with, but has now got into her stride.

It is lovely to have babies to cuddle again!

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